Anasanya is a dream come true, a brand of hope... In 2013, upon the fact that beautiful handmade arts are rapidly vanishing, ANASANYA emerged and aimed to revive Turkish crafts with the modern taste.

Combining contemporary design and ethnic inspirations, unique handmade products were created with the cooperation of local rural women and artisans.

Each and every piece has its own story, is uniquely designed and made individually.
The philosophy is to establish a long term sustainable partnership with the craftsmen, mainly women and to contribute thus to the promotion of their work, meanwhile protecting the craft heritage. By encouraging women employment and power; our goal is to contribute to the poverty reduction and consequently development of new generations with affection.

So we kindly welcome you to ANASANYA world. Where artisanship meets with design, and where local meets with the global; all uniquely handmade with love…

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