What makes a company as culturally diverse as ours choose Australia as a homebase?


Maybe it’s the people, the nature, the culture. The laid-back vibes of year round surfing weather and vineyards that stretch for miles. For Breakmood’s founders, it was all of the above.

Without knowing it then, this was the philosophy that inspired the creation of our brand. We wanted to design the wardrobe for your perfect occasion and season, the one that you thought would never end. We wanted to make clothes that feel as comfortable as they look, and hold up even on your wildest weekends. More than that, we wanted to make clothes that you can feel good wearing. Clothes that are made ethically with breathable, durable fabric for beach bums and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

At our core, we’re a family business whether by kinship or circumstance. That’s what led us to source our manufacturing to one of the most acclaimed clothing factories in Izmir, Turkey. They’ve created clothes for nearly every single major brand in the world with glowing reviews and a track record of fair and ethical employee treatment. Along with being ethically sourced, they carry on a generational tradition of using pure Turkish cotton for maximum breathability without compromising comfort. A method of quality stitching that dates back to 400 AD!

So whether you're on the beach in your new swimsuit, on a hike in your thermal athleticwear, or lounging around the house like a housecat in your sweatsuit, ethically sourced wears will never go out of style. Make this season yours while supporting countless working mothers, sisters, and daughters participating in a fair trade exchange of premium quality as old as time.